Purple Organ: Amoebaweness - CDR back in stock!


We are delighted to have a few copies of this classic album back in stock on the OJ distro. http://www.olivejuicemusic.com/products/purple-organ/amoebaweness-cdr
The Purple Organ is a one man band. Using all five of his extremities he produces a sound and a live show borne of the dark spaces between subway stations. (2004)

01. Fast Plant to Fish Brain
02. Oli Pope Lie
03. SMOT
04. Fuck
05. Girls With Too Much Yeast
06. Fly as We Fry
07. Squirts
08. secret Medley
09. Eglise Du Shite
10. It Wuz a Bug


totally awesome.

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one of my favorites!!!! buy! buy! buy!

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Everything Is Alive EP

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Now available on OJ Distro!

"Here to do great things."

essential listening

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classic album