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It's a rainy, post Supermoon (sorry my pic doesn't really do it justice), Sunday morning in Kansas. But I'm sure by the time I'm done writing this it'll probably be sunny and 80 degrees. I've heard a lot of people use the phrase: "If you don't like the weather just hang out for a little bit." to describe their local weather. But I've never found this statement to be more true than in Kansas. The first two weeks after moving here I found it pretty frustrating at how often the weather forecast totally blew it. But I have much more empathy now for KC weather people. The weather in here has more swings than a PMSing baseball team.

Nan and I have been gearing up for the Schwervon! tour all week: practicing every day, as well as checking out a couple of local shows, we bought a Club for the car, and filled in my Dad on Gummo's complex feeding schedule. Today seems to be the perfect day to print up some new T-shirts. Check out the dates below along with this cool pic that our friend Lippe took at our NYC going away show in February:

We got the car tuned up on Friday. The garage was close to Midtown so we took this opportunity to take a little walk down 39th st. I was somewhat familiar with the area since this is where I lived for the year before I moved to NYC. We discovered a great coffehouse that was literally a converted house. Nan and I chilled out for a good hour, thumbing through The Pitch, and snacking on some kind of cake-bar that looked like it was made of bird seed. It was good!
It was nice to have a place to stretch out and not feel pressured to make room for more paying customers. It felt a bit like Cafe Limbo in the East Village back in the day. Who's that cute girl on the couch?

After a nice little lunch at Fric and Frac, we headed down to Wesport and grabbed a coffee at the Broadway Roasting company. It's a great local coffee roaster that kind of looks like a place where you'd get your drivers license renewed.

Friday night we checked out the Recessionists and local legend Howard Iceberg and the Titanics at the Midwestern Musical Company First Friday. This officially marked our one month anniversary of living in KC. So far so good.
Later that night we cruised over to Fokl Space (one of my new favorite local venues by the way) to check out a cool Lawrence band some friends from the band Sleepy Kitty told us about called Cowboy Indian Bear (Sorry not pics. It was pretty dark). But the bands were great!

Another thing we did this week was buy Gummo a scratching mat. It seemed like he was enjoying it a little too much. Then we discovered there was a little pocket in the back with cat nip in it. Yowza!

Okay, we'll try to keep you posted about anything exciting happening from the road. There is a rumor that Nan will be attempting a "Tour Audio Blog" so stay tuned! And ATTENTION ALL FRIENDS and ARTISTS: please keep us posted here on the blog or on the forum about what's going on! Thanks.
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