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Boom Chick – Live in Charleston


Boom Chick, the duo of Frank Hoier & Moselle Spiller, are touring the south for the month of March on their way down to the Florida Keys for some R&R. Luckily for me, and for Charleston, they booked a gig at Tin Roof, a roadhouse in the West Ashley section of Charleston (think Brooklyn to Manhattan). Read more »

Something to think about


To be angry with Glenn Beck would be easy. So too, to conjure an ungenerous spirit of contempt for his acolytes who came from around the country to attend Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally this Saturday, would hardly take Herculean effort. His demented narcissism and their cult-like devotion to the man who once said he was just “a rodeo clown,” to whom one should hardly pay attention — but who now suggests he is on a mission from God to save America — are both worthy of the highest derision.

Yet, rather than anger or contempt — however deserved — it is sadness that animates my thoughts today. Read more »

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