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5 Questions for Major Matt


1. Why don't you ever want to ask me 5 questions?

2. How did Gummo get his name?

3. If you were a spaceship, which would you be, and what would be your mission?

4. On a pentatonic scale, how awesome am I?

5. (this isn't a question, I was just giving you the answer to #4).

Have a great time in Tennessee.


How Joanna and Fran became JoFranna


I knew Fran was cool before I really knew Fran. She's funny without being loud. She's smart without being pompous. She's hilarious... but only if you're paying attention.

So when we started talking during a Betsy's birthday party at Daddy's Bar in January I thought I should tell her. Most people would've said "Um... Okay. Thanks" and then gone over to Neil and said "Dude. Your sister is weird." But not Fran. Fran said something along the lines of "You're awesome!" And then we made a New Year's Resolution: Better Friends in 2010.

We saw each other a short while later for a Crafternoon at Humbolt Street. Wheels was helping me cut out a vinyl sticker to put on my new bass. Fran was creating fancy hair clips with vintage fabric for a DIY segment on Betsy's Place. We both agreed that the there was an alarming lack of candy available. We needed to fix this.
"Want to walk to the grocery store around the block?"
"Sure. Is it cold? Do we need our coats?"
"No. We're pretty tough." Read more »

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