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Edinburgh Man Retreat! Festival


It's been a while since I posted, but since we're going to be NYC for a week as of this weekend it felt like a good time. When the flights were booked Sunday was the best fit based on work and family commitments, but now I'm somewhat apprehensive. To be honest, I'm sure it's the safest day to fly, but the human brain isn't always rational.

Anyway, during the Edinburgh Festival I recorded a number of podcasts. Most of these were about the festival fringe, which is predominantly comedy, but the last show was centered around a small two day music festival. I thought it might be an interesting one to post on the OJ blog. I feel the need to say that despite the fact it took place in a church hall, there was nothing religious about it. It's a great space that Emily from Tracer Trails has used to put on some brilliant shows in the last couple of years by people like Calvin Johnson and Darren Hayman. Read more »

Edinburgh Man Podcast Double Bill


I was a bit lax last week so this is a double bill of podcast goodness with recent (and not so recent) releases from the world of indie music.

Last week's show included ruminations about suicide (of all things), a new single from Deerhoof, an instrumental track by OJ artist Vincent Nifigance, and a great collaboration from Animal Magic Tricks, King Creosote and Meursault on Edinburgh's Song By Toad records.
Listen to Episode 30

This week's show is an indie-pop special. Gordon McIntyre from Edinburgh based Ballboy is organising a Popfest in the city this weekend, so all the tracks on the show are from bands who will be performing over the three days. Darren Hayman, Bearsuit, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names and The Second Hand Marching Band to name just a few. I have a co-host on this show too. Another Gordon... this one is Canadian. So there's a lot of shambling chat to match the shambling pop.
Listen to Episode 31 - Edinburgh Popfest Special

Edinburgh Man Podcast #29


Another podcast ramble through the worlds of indie-pop and unsigned / self-released music.

Matt posted a link to the podcast last week, so I thought I'd post an entry for the latest episode. Initially when I started recording this podcast it was just a chance to play music that I was enjoying listening to at the time, and ramble a bit of nonsense. The rationale has become a bit (although not much) more focused over the last 8 months. I try and pick my favorites tracks from recent indie label releases, but I also try and find some interesting self-released and unsigned music too. In general much of the music is new to me, although I do throw in some more well known artists and tracks sometimes.

If there is any method to the madness it's that I play some obvious music to hook people in, and then play some tracks from artists that I don't think they'll have heard before. Read more »

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