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So I was teaching in a school in the Bronx and I was on a break, so I went over the Walgreens on Boston Road. It's residential there with a few stores and restaurants. I like going to Walgreens because they have a good selection of mainstream magazines so I can chill out and read the reviews in Rolling Stone and Spin, and grab some chips and a soda. So it's Bob Dylan's 70th birthday this year so he's been on the cover of a lot of magazines so I've been buying the ones I see on the newstand. I know it's an antifolk cliche and there's a lot of rewritten stuff but there's always some new arcane Bobby D. info someone uncovers. It's a cool excuse to buy different magazines that normally I just skim the reviews of and read the whole issue. So I'm at Walgreens and I buy the Rolling Stone and it features the 70 greatest Dylan songs. It's kind of a corny idea, but I guess it's always cool to read what Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Keith Richards think about Bob. The greatest Dylan song is surprisingly Like A Rolling Stone and the 70th greatest Dylan is To Ramona. Rolling Stone also put out a special collecters edition, The 100 Greatest Artists of all time. Read more »

Juice Box #4 Lineup Just Confirmed for October 25th @ Sidewalk Cafe


Juice Box is a DIY Indie party featuring live bands and DJ's brought to you by Olive Juice Music. (To stay informed about Juice Box events and other OJ related matters sign up for the OJ Newsletter to your left.)
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Juice Box #4 will take place on October 25th, 2011 at Sidewalk Cafe (6th St. and Ave. A) All Ages/ No Cover/ Tip Jar/ 1 Beverage Minimum/ Free Raffles!
07:30 - Anders Griffen's Accompanied Open Mic
08:30 - Prewar Yardsale
09:00 - American Anymen
09:45 - Randi Russo
10:30 - Kung Fu Crimewave
w/DJ Spastic Yo Yo Man (Justin from Elastic No No Band) Read more »

The Legacy of Police Brutality


I was watching the videos of some of the arrests from the Occupy Wall Street marches and I couldn't help but think about what it might literally feel like to be forced to the ground, face down, on concrete. What would it feel like to have the full weight of a grown man's knee pressed into the small of my back while two others force my arms behind me? How hard would it be to fight the bodies natural urge to resist this trauma? How would if feel then to sit and wonder what would become of me now? How would it feel, stretched out like a poached animal, waiting to be subjected to the bureaucracy of the criminal justice system. Imagine the humiliation of what could amount to days of sitting and being subjected to whatever will your captors at this point wish upon you under the name of justice. How would if feel to feel so unsafe within the arms of an organization who's purpose is to "serve and protect?" I was wondering if most police officers could ever imagine what it might feel like, literally, to be arrested and detained in this manner? Read more »




Respect The Process


I Spent 8 hours yesterday at the Occupy Wall Street protest site. I witnessed 2 General Assembly meeting and got a chance to talk to and observe a lot of very inspiring people. I would highly recommend before placing any kind of judgment or opinion about what is going on down there to go and see for yourself. It's very hard to get a sense of the incredibly positive consciousness raising energy that resonates throughout this park through a livestream or press coverage. If you don't live in NYC it just might be one of the best reasons to come and visit this great city that I can think of in a long time. This is more than just a protest. This is democracy in action and you can feel it growing by the hour. There is lot of intelligent and constructive behavior here. And there is a lot of love. It's really something special. Come on down. Respect the process, educate yourself, and share the love. Read more »



The quirky and comic musical revue “Awesomer & Awesomer!!!: The Songs of Phoebe Kreutz” returns for another run of performances at the Triad (158 W. 72nd St.) on Monday, September 26th & Tuesday, September 27th at 7:00pm.

For years award-winning composer/lyricist Phoebe Kreutz has been singing her downtown “joke-folk” ditties in the dirtiest clubs in the Western world. Now her songs are putting on their fancy pants and being re-imagined by Broadway actors and musicians. AWESOMER AND AWESOMER!!! features Ann Harada (Avenue Q, 9 to 5), Carey Anderson (Mamma Mia!, Avenue Q), Gwen Hollander (Little Women) and Adam Halpin (Glory Days). Musical direction is by Jason Loffredo (Xanadu) and musical supervision is by Gary Adler (Altar Boyz). The evening will be directed by Alan Muraoka (NAATCO’s Falsettoland and Sesame Street). Read more »

Who is Occupy Wall Street?


Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

The original call for this occupation was published by Adbusters in July; since then, many individuals across the country have stepped up to organize this event, such as the people of the NYC General Assembly and US Day of Rage. There'll also be similar occupations in the near future such as October2011 in Freedom Plaza, Washington D.C.
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At Home He's a Tourist


It's hot in more ways than one. It's 100 degrees out and I'm done with work and tomorrow we have to go out to Long Island for Mother's Day. So I get off the 6 at 125th and I'm not going to bus it west, make a cold drink, and settle in and see if Fox started their baseball coverage yet, instead I'm going to hoof it west and do my Mother's Day and late birthday shopping. Whenever I go out to the island I'm always shopping for some kind of late gift. I can never get things in the mail on time. So I pass Harlem Underground and there is a great Jimi Hendrix shirt in the window but I have a rule that when I"m shopping for gifts I don't buy anything for myself so I pass. I am thirsty though so I want to get a juice. The juice place is totally so crowded so I go to the health food store a few doors down and get in line to order a juice. So there is only one person ahead of me so I figure I can order soon. The juicer is really slow and soon there is a long line behind me and the juicer is still making this one juice so I leave and go a few doors down and make fruitpunch/lemonade at Subway. So I leave Subway and I have to get gifts. Read more »

New Jeffrey Lewis album "A Turn In the Dream-Songs" out October 11th / Tour to follow


New Jeffrey Lewis album "A Turn In the Dream-Songs" out October 11th, 2011 worldwide on Rough Trade Records

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard FALL TOUR DATES now announced (for Ireland/UK/Spain/Portugal)! The band on this tour will be a 4-piece: Jeffrey, Jack, Dave, and Nan (of Schwervon!)!

Sun, Oct 2 - Galway, Ireland - Kelly's Bar & Lounge (Bridge St)
Mon, Oct 3 - Cork, Ireland - Crane Lane Theater (Phoenix St)
Tues, Oct 4 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory (2 Temple Bar)
Wed, Oct 5 - Belfast, N. Ireland - Auntie Annie's
Thu, Oct 6 - Sligo, Ireland - McGarrigles (11 O'Connell St)
Mon, Oct 10 - (Possibly some kind of free art show/signing/talk or something, at the Rough Trade East record shop in London)
Tues, Oct 11 - St. Andrews, Scotland
Thu, Oct 13 - Granada, Spain - Planta Baja
Fri, Oct 14 - Seville or Alicante, Spain (tbc)
Sat, Oct 15 - Madrid, Spain - Neu! Club
Sun, Oct 16 - Gijón, Spain - Monkey Club Read more »

For Whom The Angels Named By: Elizabeth Devlin


Album Release Party, September 22, 2011 at Sidewalk Cafe 94 Avenue A, NYC, NY 10009

The release is a limited edition 100 12" vinyl pressing which will also be available for download. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the vinyl please email me. Since it is such a limited pressing, they will not be available for long.

"Elizabeth Devlin is a creative young singer from Queens, with a voice at once strong and ethereal. She accompanies herself on Autoharp, which casts her every song in shades of spooky." -TimeOUT NY, December 2008

On March 19, 2011, beneath the largest full moon seen in 18 years, utilizing one mic, an autoharp and her "at once strong and ethereal" voice, Elizabeth Devlin tracked 8 songs at FLUX Studio NYC, which will be released on For Whom The Angels Named, a limited edition, signed, 100 copy 12" vinyl pressing on Sept 22, 2011 at Sidewalk Cafe in LES, NYC.

"Elizabeth Devlin croons brassy dreams over Autoharp." -TimeOUT NY, August 2009 Read more »

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