Vincent Nifigance Session for Manchester Scenewipe


Manchester Scenewipe is the passion project of Toby & Sam who harrangue established acts passing through our city to do acoustic sessions which are then wedged between videos of other, lesser-known local acts.

In November I filmed a song for them in one of the classrooms of the Photography Department of Manchester Metropolitan University.

Sam & Toby have claimed many an illustrious scalp, but 'the one that got away' is Jeffrey Lewis!

Interesting Story: Any missed opportunities? Anything you regret? Read more »

Major Matt asks Jeffrey Lewis 5 questions (#10)


1. How did we meet?
I don't remember officially meeting you, Matt... I remember that I was playing the open mic at Sidewalk every single Monday night for a couple years when I started out, like 1998 and 99, and one time you showed up to play and Lach whispered to me "do you know Major Matt's stuff? He's one of the all-time greatest." So you were like a serious elder statesman whom I was scared to approach. I guess by 2001 we were definitely hanging out a bit and I was doing some recordings with you but I don't remember how that started.

2. 3 things that make you happy?
1) When people like me
2) Creativity, in myself and others
3) When I find a great obscure psychedelic record for cheap - like, I just got two original beat up vinyls by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band for 7.99 each, unbelievable!

3. 3 things that make you sad?
1) Right wing politics
2) Low self-esteem, in myself and others
3) The unfairness of life - big surprise.

4. What is your favorite color? Read more »

Tax compromise-markets: indeed, Democrats: no, GOP: perhaps


The Obama administration is prepared to trade extending the Bush tax cuts for higher incomes for a federal unemployment extension in a tax compromise announced Tuesday. Investors flocked back to shares on the news, pushing the markets to highs not seen since Lehman Brothers collapsed to trigger the monetary meltdown. If the tax compromise is up to Congress to become a reality, however, partisans are telling America not to get its expectations up. Source for this article - Tax compromise boosts markets, along with partisan bickering by Money Blog Newz.

Exactly what the tax compromise is all about Read more »

**FREE** Digital Download Holiday EP "Merry Christmas From Planting Seeds Records"


It has been an adventurous year! I had a great time with my solo tour of the east coast over the summer & fall. I got to know the Greyhound Bus line VERY well, Kerouac would have been proud.

My new band "Linda Draper & the Studs" (with Eric Puente on drums & Scott Fragala on bass) enjoyed our debut performance at Webster Hall in July and rocked out in the CMJ music marathon at Knitting Factory back in Oct. where I got to hear some of my new favorite bands Quilty and Battlehooch, among others. Also, it was cool to finally see old time faves, Dean & Britta's musical performance to Andy Warhol's "13 Most Beautiful People".

And now, in celebration of the holiday spirit, my label Planting Seeds Records, is giving away a FREE online EP from now until New Year's Day, Called "Merry Christmas From Planting Seeds Records". This free online EP includes my track "Merry Christmas (hint: my song is not very merry, nor does it have much to do with Christmas). Other gems on it include tracks from THE LOVETONES (who also rocked CMJ earlier this year) MARK CROZER, THE YOUNG SINCLAIRS, PINKIE, PAULA KELLEY and THE BEDROOM SET w/ANGELIQUE EVERETT. Read more »

Goodbye Blue Monday December 10, 2010


Last night's Purple Organ curated event at Goodbye Blue Monday featured a nice line up of the usual suspects. GBM's recent facelift (word has it they're gonna start serving brunch soon) and a new interested in photography created an excitement for me, personally, to check out this bill of old friends. I forgot to get shots of the opening mini open mic which featured a few acoustic numbers by Purple Organ, Neil Kelly of Huggabroomstik, Toby Goodshank, and Joe Crow Ryan.

The first act of the night was The Fools. I feel like this pic kind of captured how I see The Fools. They are 2 individuals seamlessly in sync, both understated and complimentary, but shining in their own way.

The second act of the evening was Cornhole Connection: An on going experimental improv group centered around the whims of Julie LaMendola (Ching Chong Song) and Nan Turner (Schwervon!) Read more »

OJ welcomes Kung Fu Crimewave to the distro family


Olive Juice Music is happy to include our old friends Kung Fu Crimewave into the OJ distro family with their debut full length CD "Capitol Punishment." I've been enjoying the live sounds and nice vibes of this band for a couple of years now and I'm happy to see that they've finally got some of that yumminess down on a digitally listenable format. Congratulations guys on a sweet album that makes you feel like we're right there with you just hanging out in the basement! Cool cover too. Read more »

HOW TO ACT BAD, a film starring ADAM GREEN


For the past year filmmaker Dima Dubson has been following musician and friend Adam Green around New York, Los Angeles and Europe documenting the life of this cult music troubadour. HOW TO ACT BAD will bring you up close, and offer an intimate portrait of the singer/songwriter, artist, rock star and human being Adam Green, from Dima Dubson's unobstructed perspective.

The film will reflect the excitement and artistry in the creative life Adam is living - from his music to his paintings and sculptures to his current filmmaking project (known as “The Lake Room Movie” starring Macaulay Culkin, Devendra Banhart, Jack Dishel and Dev Hynes among others). HOW TO ACT BAD will also offer a candid peek into Adam's personal life and show him both alone (as alone as he can be in the presence of Dima and his camera) and with his friends.

New Paleface video "You Will Get What You Want"


Just in time for the holiday season PF and Mo have just released a new video for their song "You Will Get What You Want" (Scott Mckibben). Coupled with some compelling live show footage (Is that a Summer Antifolk Fest T-shirt I see in some of the shots?) the video portrays a number of Paleface fans with some thoughtful wishes. Check out their website for info about their latest release and up and coming shows. Here's to getting what you want this year!

Major Matt asks Josepha Conrad (Susie Asado, Crazy For Jane) 5 questions (#9)


1. How did we meet?
We met at the "We Are Fucking Independent Festival" in Cologne in 2005. You and Nan (Schwervon) played and Kimya Dawson and Matty Popchart and I was there with my brother Philipp. We had just started performing as Crazy for Jane and we were so excited to meet you guys.

2. 3 things that make you happy?
1. Singing songs with friends, family and or strangers
2. Taking walks in the park
3. Drinking Green Tea

3. 3 things that make you sad?
1. The poverty that I encounter everywhere
2. The state of the environment
3. War

4. What is your favorite color?
Green - moss green - the luminous kind

5. 3 people who inspire you?
1. Gertrude Stein - the way she lived her life and work so fully, with conviction and humor. Her ability to keep writing her strange world of writings without getting distracted by others not acknowledging her world, even ridiculing her.
2. My brother Philipp - his ability to summon helicopters and go on grand adventures that I would never dream possible. Read more »

Betsy's Place: Episode 6


Betsy Cohen is not just just the super sweet ukulele strumming front woman for the uber catchy songwriting project: The Best. She's also the host of her own NYC cable access show featuring a variety of fun guests and entertaining segments. A recent episode of Betsy's Place (Episode #6) features Fran (JoFranna) in "Crafty Corner" making a homemade hair broach, Elizabeth Devlin playing "Music On The Bed", friend Zach making carmel corn as well as lots of other fun stuff including a dance video featuring the Schwervon! song "Dog Walkers Of the World Unite." Check it out!

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