Major Matt asks Toby Goodshank 5 questions (#2)


1. How did we meet?
Major Matt and I met at Sidewalk, for sure. Circa 2001. Even before we met I had seen him play the open mic there with Nan. I'd also see him at Alice's (RIP) occasionally, while I would be having breakfast with Crystal. I wanted to say hello but I was too shy. I vaguely remember him having a soul patch. At some point we exchanged CDs, saw each other play a few times, and he extended the invitation to me to participate in the Olive Juice collective. I was psyched because not only was I a huge fan of Matt's, but I had/have a big ol' boner for the music of Prewar Yardsale, and wanted to be down with this crew in the worst way, which in my opinion were on par with that of Jesus Christ and His Apostles.

2. 3 things that make you happy?
Oh man, three things that make me happy are giving and receiving genuine love and affection, feeling ecstasy both naturally and artificially (preferably the former), and singing with every ounce of strength that I can summon.

3. 3 things that make you sad? Read more »

Major Matt Mason - "The Pros and Cons of Being a Cat" and other stories


Major Matt Mason USA does a little story, poem or combo of the two, every time he does a set of his solo music. He writes it the afternoon before the show in order to have something totally fresh to perform at every show he plays. I've managed to upload on YouTube a good little grouping of the ones that I've collected since early summer.

This one is one of my favorites, entitled "The Pros and Cons of Being a Cat." It was originally performed at Sidewalk Cafe on June 27th.

Stay tuned, as the collection is sure to grow! (click here for a few more!)----> Read more »

What's up with the kids and the music these days?


What ever happened to Rock 'n' Roll? Specifically Rock 'n' Roll songs about Rock 'n' Roll? Looking back on the music of the fifties, when, as I understand it, Rock 'n' Roll began to dominate the mainstream, there were tons of Rock 'n' Roll songs about Rock 'n' Roll. You got Rock Around The Clock. You got Rock And Roll Music. You got Shake, Rattle And Roll. These were great songs. Songs you could dance to. Songs about partying. Songs about Rock 'n' Roll.

Nowadays you got songs about crying and who knows what all else. Who is this for?

The last big song I can think of that's about Rock 'n' Roll is Old Time Rock And Roll by Bob Seger, and maybe that's telling. Maybe writing a song about how much you love Rock 'n' Roll is considered old fashioned. But in this post-modern, deconstructionist, new sincerity era, wouldn't songs about how much we all love Rock 'n' Roll be more approriate than ever?

Here are some ideas for songs, that you can have for free:

You Make Me Feel Like Rock 'n' Roll
Rolling Rock
(Do The) Rock 'n' Roll Twist
The Best Kind Of Music (is Rock 'n' Roll)
I'll Never Apologize, Dad

Major Matt asks Nan Turner 5 questions (#1)


1. How did we meet?
We met at the sidewalk café. Jon Berger told me I had to go hear Major Matt Mason play because you were really good. You were. And also cute.

2. 3 things that make you happy?
being creative, eating italian or french food combined with a dark chocolately dessert, the ocean and swimming in it.

3. 3 things that make you sad?
conflict with people I love, poor health, and when I have to work crappy day jobs.

4. What is your favorite color?
blue and green. Sometimes together.

5. 3 things that you really, really love?
playing music & performing, dinner and movie nites (especially movies about musicians and dancers), touring, and reading memoirs (okay that was 4 things).

How Joanna and Fran became JoFranna


I knew Fran was cool before I really knew Fran. She's funny without being loud. She's smart without being pompous. She's hilarious... but only if you're paying attention.

So when we started talking during a Betsy's birthday party at Daddy's Bar in January I thought I should tell her. Most people would've said "Um... Okay. Thanks" and then gone over to Neil and said "Dude. Your sister is weird." But not Fran. Fran said something along the lines of "You're awesome!" And then we made a New Year's Resolution: Better Friends in 2010.

We saw each other a short while later for a Crafternoon at Humbolt Street. Wheels was helping me cut out a vinyl sticker to put on my new bass. Fran was creating fancy hair clips with vintage fabric for a DIY segment on Betsy's Place. We both agreed that the there was an alarming lack of candy available. We needed to fix this.
"Want to walk to the grocery store around the block?"
"Sure. Is it cold? Do we need our coats?"
"No. We're pretty tough." Read more »

Put Some Clothes On, Dear!


Jews have the right idea about September. It's the new year. Time to put on some clothes and get to work. I always feel wistful and determined in the fall, and both of those moods require a soundtrack. Here's a fun fall activity: Use the OJ Distro to find all of these songs and recreate this OJ Fall Mix CD:

1. Sonic Daughter - Schwervon!
2. New Year - Casey Holford
3. Disaster - Phoebe Kreutz
4. Moving - Jeffrey Lewis
5. Union Square - Yoko Kikuchi
6. Sweetish Fish & Tings - The Baby Skins
7. That Girl Suicide - Prewar Yardsale
8. Crash Through the Half-Light - Diane Cluck
9. I'm Afraid - The Best
10. Good Day, Sam James - Masheen Gun Kelly
11. Hello Antenna - Susie Asado
12. Lynda - Art Sorority for Girls
13. I Would Say - Dibs
14. C-Car - Double Fantasy
15. I Get Lifted - Toby Goodshank
16. Game - The Leader
17. (You Have So Much Fun.) In My Head - Cheese On Bread
18. Woopdie-Doo - Steve Espinola
19. Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - Liv Carrow
20. Times Table - Huggabroomstik

Online video of Major Matt Mason USA performing "Follow Her" September 1, 2010 @ The Sidewalk Cafe.


Major Matt Mason USA is the stage name for songwriter/producer Matt Roth’s solo projects. Inspired by the homemade tapes of Daniel Johnston, MMM’s first recordings appeared in cassette format around 1994. He has since released 5 full length albums (on CD and CDR) and two 7” singles on Olive Juice Music. The music is riddled with influences that range from the paired down songwriting of early Bob Dylan to the more noisy elements of The Velvet Underground, Neil Young or Yo La Tengo. Although he's dabbled with various live band arrangements typically his performances consist of MMM singing over chunky self accompanied acoustic guitar strums. Matt is also a member of the bands Schwervon! and Kansas State Flower. This particular concert marked a 2 year anniversary the "One-off" spoken word concept: where on the day of each live show an original prose-poem was written as the sole purpose of being recited as part of that evenings performance. The concept was to have an original piece of materiel that was totally unique to each performance. Read more »

Distro Gem #1: Huggabroomstik - Sloppy Kisses and Serious Guitars


I've taken it upon myself to now and again write little reviews of various awesome items in the OJ distro that might get lost in the immensity of it all.

The first one I've decided to highlight is the album Sloppy Kisses and Serious Guitars (2005), which might be my favorite Huggabroomstik CD and is probably the psych-noise band's leanest and poppiest recording. Sure, they have made some memorably poppy tunes since then -- the two-parter "Diamond Eyeballs" from Alternate Huggabroomstik and "In The Sun" from Ultimate Huggabroomstik (which is out-of-print!?! we've got to do something about this!) stick out in my mind in particular. Yet, Sloppy Kisses consistently highlights the band at its most focused and entertaining. Even the album's requisite freak-out track, "The Rainbow Ofof Shit," is downright concise compared to later jams like Ultimate's 14-minute track, "Duck Hunt." Read more »

Yesterday's Blog Today


I think I'm suffering from post New OJ website depression. I'm a bit uninspired which isn't so great considering I've got a show tomorrow night at Sidewalk cafe. Insert shameless self promotion here. I'm taking most of the day tomorrow to practice and work on a good daily poem. I'm excited for the JoFranna CD release and also interested in checking out Honeybird of whom I made a random myspace connection with about a year ago. I'm munching on some discounted "red" kale that I picked up at the Co Op last friday and I'm digging it. It's not as sweet as regular kale and I kind of like that. It tastes more like spinach. I realized that pretty much any of it tastes good as long as you steam it and mix enough salt and pepper with it. Read more »

Something to think about


To be angry with Glenn Beck would be easy. So too, to conjure an ungenerous spirit of contempt for his acolytes who came from around the country to attend Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally this Saturday, would hardly take Herculean effort. His demented narcissism and their cult-like devotion to the man who once said he was just “a rodeo clown,” to whom one should hardly pay attention — but who now suggests he is on a mission from God to save America — are both worthy of the highest derision.

Yet, rather than anger or contempt — however deserved — it is sadness that animates my thoughts today. Read more »

Welcome to The New Olive Juice Music Website


Hello and welcome to the new Olive Juice Music website. Thanks for dropping by. Please feel free to click around and kick the tires. There are some new features that we think you’re gonna like.

First off I'd personally like to thank Crystal Madrilejos for her design skills, Dibson T. Hoffweiler for his web building skills, and Solena Toussaint for her patience and commitment researching, processing and managing all of that data. Thank you all for helping make this thing come to life. I'd also like to thank the people who helped beta test the site and for all of the very helpful feedback they provided. Keep it coming! Read more »

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